How to install whatsapp in Jio phone also install whatsapp in Jio phone in alternate method

How to install whatsapp in Jio Phone: Whatsapp was thirstily waiting on How to install whatsapp in JioPhone. The innovative version of Whatsapp was launched for Jiophone. This restructure of Whatsapp has been in serious trouble eachJiophone and Jiophone 2. Whatsapp has created many changes to install WhatsApp in JioPhone. The app for Jiophone as a result ofJiophone runs on the KaiOS. Whatsapp in JioPhone will work same in Jiophone as alternative mobile phones. In Sept 2016, Whatsapp has started operating in Jiophone.
WhatsApp in jio phone
WhatsApp in jio phone

Hey welcome readers here i brought today's trending topic how to install whatsapp in jio phone or whatsapp in jio phone. Jio phone users are be able to enjoy youtube , facebook as well as whatsapp in jio phone and jio phone 2 in their feature jio phone.

As reliance jio india promised to us that both jio phone and jio phone 2 users will able to enjoy their favourite apps whatsapp, facebook,and youtube in jio phone and jio phone 2

How to install whatsapp in JioPhone

Reliance india is leaving no any chance to attract indian customers with their product or capturing their mind with greatfull recharges plan and offers. Day by day Reliance growing which is a great thing to us in and now reliance jio has been completed it's 250M Jio users in great time. As reliance jio announced to us, Reliance will soon bring whatsapp in jio phone and they had full filled it.
WhatsApp in jio phone
WhatsApp in jio phone

On the other hand best thing is Google us also introduced Google assistant in for jio phone with a customized version of Google map also facebook launched dedicated apps for Reliance.
At the 41st Reliance AGM, chairman of Ril Mukesh Ambani announced that jio phone and jio phone 2 will both phone will receive most popular official apps of whatsapp, youtube, instagram and google map in their latest KaiOS updates of jio phone

Jio phone also claimed that this WhatsApp for jio phone also come with end to end encryption where your data is totally safe and secure

So don't be panic I have 2 method to install whatsapp in jio phone
First to install official whatsapp app for jio phone and the next one is alternate method which people generally used to use whatsapp in PC or Laptops etc or mobile browser.

So here I'm telling you the genuine method to install whatsapp in jio phone as well as alternate method also.

Install whatsapp in JioPhone

To download the whatsapp in jio phone you must to check your KaiOS version. It must be updated with latest updates of KaiOS operating system software.

  1. Go to jio store from the menu and search whatsapp from the listing.
  2. Press install and then installation begin.
  3. After installation open it and then as usual  verify your phone number as used to verify in your android or iphone smartphone , same here you must verify your whatsapp number for starts messaging in jiophone.

This is just same as you do with  your smartphone where you able to see the option for status or everything which you always experience in your whatsapp in smartphones
Alternate method to install whatsapp in jio phone

Note: make sure this method only works when you are already using WhatsApp in other any smartphone.
Whatsapp in jio phone
Whatsapp in jio phone

  • First of all you need to open any browser in your jiophone and visti: [ make sure you are visiting official website of WhatsApp].
  • Then, you are given a QR code generated by computer, use this given QR code to QR scanner within WhatsApp in your smartphone.
  • Open WhatsApp in your smartphone where you are already using Whatsapp.
  • On the chat screen upper right 3 dots appears, click on it and open WhatsApp web.
  • Click OK,Got it then you need to scan QR code which is generated in your desktop.
  • Then, you are able to use WhatsApp in jiophone.

How to log out from whatsapp in jiophone 

For logout from desktop go to your WhatsApp in jio phone  which you are already using in your smartphone and then go to setting or menu tap on WhatsApp web and then tap on log out from all computers
Here you are safely log out from all whatsapp wherever you are log into your computers.

Final words

I hope this article is helpful to you. So don't forget to share this information with your jio phone users

Thankyou for reading this article.


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